Mayra Dias Gomes

mayra book promoMayra Dias Gomes kommt mit ihrem in Brasilien sehr erfolgreichen Buch “Brazilian Underground” in die Karlsruher Fleischmarkthalle. Samstag, 19.10. ab 19.30 Uhr beim Local-Heroes-Abend des Bücherbüffets. Eintritt 14,90 Euro – inklusive 3-Gänge-Fingerfood-Menü und Live-Musik. Hey, brazilian community, give her a warm welcome!

Spricht hier jemand portugiesisch? Boa noite meu amor! Bitte hier klicken: arara02




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  1. Good morning!

    As I don´t know if I would rather write in German or Portuguese, so I decided to do it in English.

    I just got informed about the event with Mayra Dias Gomes and was very happy about that.
    I know it is quite late. But as Leonard Bernstein said: !to achieve great things we need two things; a plan and not quite enough time.’

    Well, we have a professional brazilian band named “Forró de KA” ( and as we are playing on the 2.11. in Karlsruhe, we would be very happy to come on the 19.10 and play and invite people to our concert.

    So you had good brazilian music for free and we clients for our concert.

    Could we talk about that? I hope so!

    My telephone number is 0176.42067106

    Many greetings,

    Vítor Diniz

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